Summer Camp

We guide our campers as they: grow into leaders, discover their place in nature, build self esteem, and have fun!

Summer Camp 2018 Schedule
June 26-July 5: Counselor Training
July 7-13: Discovery Camp 1 & Horse Camp 1
July 15-20: Missoula Children’s Theater
July 29-August 4: Discovery Camp 2 & Intermediate Horse Camp
August 6-9: Mini Camp
August 12-18: International Discovery Camp & Buckaroo Camp

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What can campers expect? We spend a lot of time in discovery groups: two cabins of similarly-aged campers, their counselors, and a DGL (rhymes with eagle). Every group is unique and has an identity all its own. There’ll be games, songs, hikes, team-building, camp outs, archery, swimming, crafts, and a time for reflection at the end of the day. Outside of our discovery groups, the whole community joins for meals in Curtis Lodge, as well a campfire, a variety show, and a dance during the week. We hope that you’ll make friends, experience nature and have fun! An Episcopal priest from the Diocese of Olympia joins us every session, to provide counsel, participate in program activities and plan worship services. A different discovery group meets with the chaplain to plan worship each day.

Camp Huston is accredited by the American Camping Association, and we insure a registered nurse is onsite during all program hours.